Modernize your company now

Basic Modernization

Simple business update to have a modern online presence.

Website Design | Creation

Want to have a website for your business or organisation? Want us to design or redesign your website? We can do it.

Eco-friendly transition

Want to become eco-friendly the right way, but don't know where to start or how to start? We can help!

Total Modernization

Transform your traditional business that is invisible online, to a modern business with an online presence.

SEO/Maps Recognition

Let people find you quicker and easier. Stand out on Google maps and generate more clients.

Eco-friendly | Modern marketing

We throw out the old marketing book and do it the modern way, eco-friendly way.

Choose the perfect service for you

All the services you see here below are customizable, we formed these packages based on past relationship experience with clients and based on our research in regards to what combinations work the best for the ultimate result.

Basic Modernization package

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One time payment

Total modernization package

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One time payment

SEO/Maps Recognition

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One time payment


Most frequent questions and answers

Normally, no. The benefit of our services are that we do everything from a distance online as this is most of the time more efficient which allows us to provide you attractive prices by keeping our costs low.

Normally no, in some cases we do travel to our clients in a select number of countries around the world. However this is only if it is absolutely necessary, as this will bring our costs up, and in turn our prices for your services.

It depends how you allow us to do it and what services you have chosen overall.

  • We can design/create a fully | semi-functional website without touching your current website. (Although it can be useful if we can enter your website, but we will not alter anything without your permission.
  • We create a website for your off-site and we can easily import the new website within 5 minutes. You’ll website will look totally different within an instant and be fully functional, not causing any inconveniency for you or your clients.
  • If you choose to be hosted by us and you have to switch hosting and even your domain name registry with us, there is a risk that your website will be inaccessible for between a few minutes to up to 7 weeks. If so we provide you with a fully functional and online temporary website. All of this depends where you are currently hosted and where your domain name is registered. We’ll do our best to do everything as safely and as fast as possible.

With most of our services, you have up to 31 days to work with us and request for adjustments, this is to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with our work. This is also why we provide you with a sample and quick draft of our work to ensure that you would like to work with us. This will not only help you be confident in your investment but also help our team to not waste resources recklessly, we want both sides to remain happy.

Because a lot of time and monetary investment is applied in these projects, the services are non-refundable and also contain non-refundable deposits.

Yes, for people that refer our services and company to other clients are eligible for a one-time 25% discount per client. The recommended client has to give your full name, phone number and e-mail so that we can verify that you indeed referred them to us. 

This does not apply to people that we personally know or already have a long-term working relationship with. We’ll see you Saturday on the tennis court 😉