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Total modernization package Omoderne

Total modernization package

Transform your traditional business that is invisible online, to a modern business with an online presence.

| Get a full analysis of where your business needs improvement on the online spectrum

| Website creation or enhance current website

| Get a social media presence  or enhance social media presence

| Get your website known with Search Engine Optimization (more site visits)

| Make your website friendly for all platforms (desktop, tablet & smartphones)

| Get on google maps / enhance google maps presence

| Online image cleansing (cyber-scrubbing), suggestions, removals (with permission), replacing images

| Location or relocation analysis

| Location image suggestions/or organize enhancements (for some clients we are able to provide architectural support.)

| Office workflow modernization, efficiency and cost reduction consult and handbook PDF of new or enhanced workflow

| Supply chain management improvements consult

| Make your website secure

| Make your website faster

| Eco-friendly enhancement consults

Basic Modernization package

Business update to have a modern online presence

| Website creation or enhance current website / become more modern friendly

| PDF document and video consultations on how to make your business more modern and attractive

| Make your business or project Eco-friendly with  guidelines and instructions on the latest ways of being eco-friendly

| Consulting hours to determine what you want to achieve in the future and determine how to reach it sustainably

| Advice on what social media pages are useful to have for your company

Basic Modernization Package Omoderne
Website Design | Creation Omoderne

Website Design | Creation

Want to have a website for your business or organisation? Want us to design or redesign your website? We can do it.

| Consulting to get your vision across, possible via video calling or in person. You choose how many consulting hours you want with a maximum of 20 hours unless agreed upon otherwise in a written contract

| Website made with WordPress so you can also evolve when wanted with no restrictions, we can discuss other platforms, however, we do recommend WordPress for most clients

| Able to make a website for any kind of industry

| Get an analysis of your current website and receive feedback, speed test included, if we need to make a new website to fix the issue, we can

| Modernize/redesign your website so that it attracts your target audience

| Want to set up a whole e-commerce website but don’t have time to create it yourself? we’ll do it for you

| We make your website more modern and attractive for the modern world

SEO | Maps Recognition

Let people find you quicker and easier

| Analyzation and research about your competitors online and your current position

| Search Engine Optimization for your online business or traditional business

| Get found on maps, google or apple maps 

| Optimize maps content and information

| Search Engine Advertising

SEO/Maps Recognition Omoderne
Eco-Friendly Transition Omoderne

Sustainability Consulting

Want to become sustainable the right way, but don’t know where to start or how to start? We can help!

| GREY BUNDLE: For entrepreneurs that are seeking to start a sustainable Restaurant.

(open to discussing other types of businesses)

  • Sustainability Story/Report writing service
  • Restaurant Sustainability Opportunities Information Sessions
  • Sustainability Transition Project Financial Planning

Eco-Friendly | Modern Marketing

We throw out the old marketing book and do it the modern way

| Analyzation and research about your competitors online and your current position

Consulting hours are conducted to get a broad idea to see what your goal is and social media platforms you are open to

| The research will be made to determine what kind of social media will be best to use for your business

| The research will be made to determine the frequency of posts on social media and what kind of content to put out

| We do not believe in paper marketing or billboard marketing, it will be completely digital to reduce costs and be more eco-friendly

| Will assist in creating genuine content

| The choice between short term marketing and long term marketing will be made by you, however, we always recommend thinking long-term except for one-time short-term events or parties. However, even with short-term situations, one could ask; what is the long-term effect?

Eco-friendly | modern marketing Omoderne
Website & e-mail hosting | management Omoderne

Website & e-mail hosting | management

We provide website & e-mail hosting for a limited amount of clients with small websites

| *DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the servers that we will use to host your website. We have a business account with a trusted and premium hosting provider that allows us to provide hosting at affordable prices under our own brand name. Basically, we thus provide white-label hosting which server owners fully support

| If you are just getting started with your business and you want to host a website, it can be expensive or scary. That is why we are able to provide affordable hosting for some of our clients with a starter or small business website

| We can make provide free SSL

| The hosting company we utilize uses the data centre partner, Google Cloud, which matches 100% of the energy consumed by their global operations with renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.

| We make it possible for you to make unlimited e-mail accounts with our hosting.

| Choose how much space your employees are able to have

| Spam protected and automate email management with filters set for the whole domain or specific e-mail accounts

| Set SPF and DKIM authentication settings

| Setup autoresponders and forwarders 

Tailor-Made Service

Custom | Tailor-Made Service just for you, see something you like in one of the packages, but don’t need or want everything? No Problem! We’ll make a tailor-made service for you!

| A You decide what you get you with your package. Ask for a quotation with your ideas and what you want/need and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss your wishes!

Tailor-Made Service Omoderne

Our services

All the services you see here above are customizable, we formed these packages based on past relationship experience with clients and based on our research in regards to what combinations work the best for the ultimate result.

See something in a package you like, but don’t want the whole package? No problem, we provide individual services as well. Book it or ask for a quote.

*DISCLAIMER: These services are offered with a limited time frame of 1 month except if stated or agreed up otherwise in a written contract. With this we mean that we create, arrange everything, and make adjustments for 31 days, after 31 days the systems and advice set in place will have to be fully managed by the company or individual that has requested our services